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Dee-Con 2014


I did this for Halloween 2013. Well, technically my Gran made it, but I designed it and bought the clothes. I bought two hoodies, two tops and two pairs of leggings. Each was bought in black and red. The hammer, which I made, was done out of cardboard and a broom handle.

TinyRicki posted on 11 January, 2014 - 00:07
I absolutely love this and would love one myself!

LinseyPimms posted on 15 January, 2014 - 21:27
Cost me £26 for everything out of Primark (hint hint ;)) Really easy to make, I highly recommend it. I wear the hoodie on a regular basis. Have been complimented twice by strangers!

blonde hair dye
white face make up
spirit gum

Total cost: £0.00

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