Anna - Frozen

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Kitacon 2014


For a big Frozen group at Kitacon!

I've been wanting to Cosplay from a Disney movie for YEARS. Even as a kid my parents would refuse to buy me any sort of Disney princess dress so this is the first time ever i'll be wearing one~ I'M SO EXCITED OHMYGOD. I'll be rewearing this tons I know it <3

I'm going to attempt to make this from scratch~ It'll be fun!

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Buy thread for shirt
Buy binding and thread for detail on shirt
Make the cape
Buy snaps for shirt
Buy interfacing for shirt collar and cuffs
Teal shirt fabric
Buy patterns
Buy wig
Buy pom pom trim for cape
Make the skirt
Make the shirt
Buy buttons for shirt cuffs
Buy embroidery hoops
buy wool for hat
Buy wool for gloves
Buy felt for cape detail
Buy gold trim for corset
Buy paint for shoes
Buy vinyl for shoes
Buy shoes
Buy embroidery thread for skirt and corset
Buy light blue fabric for skirt
Buy dark blue skirt fabric

Total cost: £0.00

6th February 2014


I've spent much more on this than I thought I would. And with Kita getting closer and not having started this I'm getting a little panicky! Got most of my fabric from Shepherds Bush(I miss Leeds and their cheap fabric shops ;n;) I just need to get the skirt fabric online. Bought my Wig and that's arrived in Leeds, won't get it until I next go back. Bought patterns from Amazon! So once they arrive I'll start on the shirt, Shirt deadline is the 16th, skirt is the 23rd, Corset is the 2nd and the cape is the 9th. One week per item but I think I can get it done! I'll just have to make sure I get on with Uni work this weekend. Then from the 9th-26th it's embroidery time! I bought gold vinyl for the boots, thinking I could cut it out into a pattern and glue it onto them, but when it arrived it turns out the vinyl has a sticky back anyway! I was so happy~ I also bought plastic sheets to cut out embroidery stencils from. Plastic doesn't tear easier, fold or rumple like paper does.

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