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Kitacon 2014


Ball costume for my fiancee

Carmina posted on 17 March, 2015 - 11:21
You make a beautiful Elsa!

21st April 2014

I'll get you next time,Gadget!

So Jen did actually wear this on the Sunday night at Kita, but it was so unfinished. We're going to rewear them to collectormania later this year so that I can finish the rest of the sequins. I think I'm also going to make modifications to the top and entirely redo the train. You haven't seen the last of this!

2nd February 2014

Fabric Shopping~

So I finally got started buying all the fabric for this costume, I've got pretty much everything I need except for like.. one thing. And her shoes. I found the PERFECT fabric for the dress, I'm a little frustrated because it cost me $30 shipping for $17 of fabric, but it was too perfect to not buy it - I only hope it looks as perfect in real life!! Jen's complete lack of caring was kind of hilarious, this whole process for every costume she's wearing I've been obsessing over 100% accuracy and she's been so blase, she just wants the pretty costumes lol The wig is ordered too, as well as a shit load of sequins that may or may not be too small, so we'll see how that pans out. BUT the dress is officially underway~

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