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Okay so this has been super stressful and I haven't even started yet.

Basically, I wanted to make the Dark Brotherhood armour out of faux suede. It would look authentic, it would look legit... but apparently in the UK there is NOWHERE at ALL that sells any kind of stretch suede let alone four way. Nowhere. And it's a friggin catsuit, it HAS to be four way otherwise I wouldn't be able to walk or sit down or do anything at all.

So then I found some four way stretch black microsuede on ONE website. One. It was American but I didn't care about postage prices- only they don't post to the UK. Apparently they live in the Stone Age or something. I messaged them and asked and just got 'sorry us only' as a response. Great. GREAT. I'd have to do something else. Aela the Huntress or something. Ugh.

BUT. There was a light at the end of the tunnel.

A few years ago I met a lovely girl who was going out with a guy from a town very close to me. She happened to be American, and now they're married and both living in Ohio. The ace thing is, the guy's family still live in the town next to mine. And what do people do over Christmas and New Years? VISIT RELATIVES. AW YEAH. So I wired Jill the money for the fabric, and then purchased some stretch red suede from, and got them both sent to her address. She received them, flew over for Christmas with it and in a couple of days I'm going to collect it from her. I'm aware of how freaking lucky I am to have that happen. Hahaha!

In terms of the other stuff I need for the costume-

I won a catsuit pattern off of eBay for £3. I found some black suede boots for £6 in a charity shop, and black 100% suede gloves in the Primark sale for £4. All I need now are the studs. Stoked.


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