Mr Sue Denim

Boba Fett (Special Edition) - Star Wars Classic

Status :Complete
Worn At :MCM London Comic Con May 2015


Boba Fett and Cap

Out in the sun

With the ladz

Boba Fett versus Khorne Marine

With the Mandos

Father and Son

Deathstroke and Boba Fett

Blaster ready

On Tatooine

Reference #3

Reference #2

Reference #1



The helmet alone is badass enough to own, so I thought I'd have a stab at making my own set of Fett armour. As an added challenge, I decided to make everything truly homemade.


ArcaneArchery posted on 30 March, 2015 - 16:57
Looks like you are making great progress with this project. I like the detailed journal that you are keeping as it give a real insight into how to build a costume like this.

Mr Sue Denim posted on 1 April, 2015 - 14:04
Thanks, I just finished the other day.

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Progress Journal

Finito (Posted 1st April 2015)

And with that the costume is complete!

Braids (Posted 1st April 2015)

I bought some braids off eBay and stained them with tea before sewing them together. They attach to the vest via safety pins.

Cape (Posted 30th March 2015)

The cape was just a length of green canvas that I hemmed and weathered through washing, sanding and cutting. After that, I airbrushed some burn around the holes.

Boots (Posted 18th March 2015)

I found some cheap chelsea boots on eBay which I went about converting with shoelaces hotglued and sewn to the top and some heavy weathering with an airbursh. I painted the soles with a specialised shoe paint, but I'm paranoid it'll crack and show the red underneath.

Jet Pack (Posted 18th March 2015)

Another major costume part, I built this out of the tried and tested cardboard/resin/bondo technique. I made the rocket detachable through a twist off container and had the opportunity to get it signed by Jeremy Bulloch, Boba Fett himself at Sheffield Comic Con. The thrusters were made out of sintra and curtain rail balls I found in the cellar.

Blaster (Posted 12th March 2015)

Using the Hasbro toy blaster as a base for the midsection, I carved an accurately sized wood stock and created a new barrel out of PVC, silicone sealant tubes and styrene rods. What's more, I managed to keep the electronics from the toy so it still lights up and makes noise.

Flight Suit (Posted 12th March 2015)

As with the vest, this was one of the only costume buys I made. Still, I slimmed the arms and legs, added a hook for the gauntlet hose, added elastic feet loops, added velcro & press stud attachments for various other pieces and finally weathered the suit with paint through an airbrush.

Pouches (Posted 10th March 2015)

Attached to the ammo belt with velcro, these will hold my voice changer along with anything else I'll need when wearing it. I sewed them up and applied the same process as the spats, leaving the left pouch in the dye longer to take it to more of a blue hue than the right pouch as per SE reference photos.

Spats (Posted 9th March 2015)

I sewed some spats to go over my ankles, attached it with press studs and velcro and weathered it with dye and airbrushed paint.

Gauntlets (Posted 18th February 2015)

I used the leftover card from the helmet to make the gauntlets and the same fiberglass /bondo process to strengthen and smooth the finish. I originally made the mistake of sizing them to my uncovered arms and found that with the flight suit on, they were too small, so I had to fashion some spacers and repeat the fiberglass/bondo process on those sections. I hooked up LEDs to the flamethrower nozzles which light up when one of the buttons is pressed and also added a flashing LED for accuracy.

Voice Amp/Changer (Posted 14th February 2015)

A simple Aker amplifier hooked up to a voice changer on my phone, now I can sound all croaky and bounty huntery. The speaker/phone will go in one of my pouches with the wire running up under my vest to my headset mic.

EDIT: I've recently altered this setup to accomodate an iPhone and a superior app. Also, I've disconnected the mic from the headset and taped it inside the helmet for less hassle.

Gloves (Posted 13th February 2015)

Taking some white parade gloves, I dyed them light grey and sewed white patches to the fingers and the back of the hand. Some of the most difficult sewing I've ever done.

Ammo Belt (Posted 14th January 2015)

Using cardboard, I created nets of the pouches which I covered in brown pleather. Gluing a strip over the top provided the flap and a belt loop for a belt that was made out of the same material. Some velcro sewn in place and some weathering with a paintbrush and I've got myself a budget belt.

Flak Vest (Posted 20th November 2014)

Here's the vest and neck seal. I weathered the colour with paint to add grime and highlights and rather sloppily cut a hole to fit a flashing light kit that would act as the chest display on the armour. I also had the laborious task of sewing on all the press studs to attach the armour pieces.

Armour (Posted 15th November 2014)

As before, curved sintra provided the shape of the armour plating. Keyboard keys with nuts epoxied in them provided the means of securing the cod to the back plate.

Shoulder Bells (Posted 1st November 2014)

Same process as before, sintra heated up and curved to provide shoulder armour. Press studs were glued to other side to fasten to the flak vest. I then painted it up, and used a combination of stencilling and freehand to paint the mandalorian symbol on the left piece.

Knee Pads (Posted 31st October 2014)

I used sintra to form the majority of the armour pieces, including the knee pads. I heatgunned the curve and layered up the peaks. Then copious bondoing of the seams I glued, I hit it with paint. I used pens and miscellaneous plastic tubes for the missiles and then epoxied elastic straps around the back of them.

Girth Belt (Posted 20th September 2014)

I got some burgundy rope, cut it into lengths and sewed them together. Then I sewed buckles to the ends and threaded some nylon strapping through for a cheap under belt.

Harness (Posted 20th August 2014)

In order to hold up the jet pack all day, I needed something sturdy. I looked at what was used on the real deal and replicated the functionality using MDF and nylon webbing. It doesn't look pretty, but it does the job and it won't be seen on the outside.

Shin Tools (Posted 23rd July 2014)

A common trend in this build, these tools were made out of layered cardboard, again strengthened with resin and smoothed out with car filler. The tubes were made of spare pieces of dowel with headphone jack adapters plugged in one end.

Helmet (Posted 5th April 2014)

I built the helmet out of cardboard and reinforced it with fibreglass. With copious car fillering, I was able to shape out imperfections and paint it up to reference material. I've installed lights in the rangefinder which flash when in the down position, a hearing aid system to hear outside the helmet and fans to keep me cool.