Nightingale Sentinel - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim




I am a Skyrim fanatic and though I didn't really believe I'd be able to do it, I wanted to try cosplaying something from it. I stumbled upon aicosu's amazing Nightingale armour and was instantly inspired to try to create it myself. It's my favourite armour in the game and in the end, it wasn't too hard!

The base for the costume was a fake shiny 'leather' (plastic) catsuit from eBay. (eBay is my friend. I love eBay.) It cost around £15, has a high collar, and a zip up the back which is very important.

Every piece of armour in this suit is made from craft foam. It's sold cheaply (between 20p and £1 a sheet depending on the shop and the size of said sheet. A3 works best).
I created basic paper patterns for each piece of the armour using a dressmaking dummy in my size. Once I had all the foam cut out, I heated certain parts with a hairdryer to make them curved (the bracers, mask pieces etc) then stuck them in the fridge to cool and set. I then backed the pieces with cheap thick fabric to give them strength, then coated them all in three-four layers of mod podge to seal them.
The raised edges on the armour pieces were created with just a hot glue gun. The Nightingale emblem was carved into the surface of the foam with a ballpoint pen. :)

I painted all of the armour pieces with black acrylic paint to serve as the base coat and colour. I then got some silver metallic paint, dipped the edge of a sponge in it, and wiped the silver paint over each armour piece. I then took them all outside and sprayed them with a very dark metallic grey spray paint.

To attach the armour to the suit, I put on a top and leggings, put on the catsuit, and then physically glued the pieces on as I was wearing it. The clothes underneath stopped me from getting burned. If you're going to do this I highly suggest you do the same. I also suggest you do it in front of a mirror!

For the armour 'skirt', I attached the three pieces to a black leather belt, then glued the front of the belt to the catsuit. The functioning buckle of the belt is behind me, under the cloak.

The mask is a £2 ski mask from eBay~ Adding the armour was uncomfortable though! I had to actually wear the mask, put hot glue all over the armour pieces, then press them to the mask to make sure they molded correctly to my face shape. Hot. ;_;

I used a very simple hooded cloak tutorial I found on Google and a length of soft black fabric from the local material shop. The 'brooches' that hold the cloak in place are made from airdrying clay, modpodged and painted silver. The cloak was glued to the chest armour piece, and the brooches glued on top.

The boots I found on.... eBay. Again. Yes.

Guess what? eBay! They're faux leather elbow length gloves, I merely cut the fingers off and then glued the bracers on.

I think that covers everything! When it comes to actually wearing the costume... man. I can't sit down in it, unless someone unzips me- then I can let the torso of the costume fall forward and it enables me to bend xD Also the mask does NOT breathe. At all.

Other than that though it's surprisingly comfortable.


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