Champion Cynthia - Pokemon




This was the second cosplay I ever made. I still didn't feel confident enough to try anything more challenging and I love Cynthia so it seemed like a good choice.

The wig was prestyled, from eBay, and cost me £13. The coat was actually a long sleeved maxi dress that I found on eBay for around £14 if memory serves me. I simply cut it open at the front and sewed faux fur around the cuffs and bottom. I used another piece of faux fur with a ribbon attached to make the collar. I already owned the trousers, the vest top and the heels- I simply added gold ribbon to them.

The teardrop on the front of the coat was black faux leather painted silver. I used the same faux leather and some gold ribbon to make the ears, which I then clipped into the wig. The buttons beside the teardrop I found in a local sewing shop. :3


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