Hatake Kakashi (Anbu) - Naruto




Kakashi has always been my favourite Naruto character. I wanted to do a cosplay closer to the Anbu design rather than the popular fanart depiction of him in Anbu.

Vest, long gloves, arm and hand guards and half face mask, made from scratch.

Trousers and leggings with rings around the shins were made from existing items of clothing, altered.

Wig was bought unstyled.

Kunai, tank top, anbu mask and shoes were bought.

Wig needed to be used better, didn't leave myself enough time to style it correctly.
Scar was pretty unnoticeable. Need to do that much better next time.

Due to time constraints after sewing machine broke >.< a few bits were rushed toward the end and would need to be redone before I wear this again.


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