Wily Kit (80s) - Thundercats


For the Cartoon Cartoonz Group at Minamicon 20 (2014). Not exactly anime, but the group plan is to do various cartoon characters from classic British/American series from the 70s/80s/90s. I decided I wanted to do something from ThunderCats as it was a series I was totally in love with as a 10-year old during the time I was living in the US. Me and my friends would always have fun playing ThunderCats and we even tried to (unsuccessfully!) make hoverboards! xD

I settled on WilyKit as she is one of the two main female leads and the costume isn't too difficult to make. There's no way I could pull off Cheetara (and I don't think anyone would want to see my try that!), so Wily Kit it was! I did realise afterwards that it was yet another purple and pink costume (which I seem to be unintentionally making a lot recently, even though I'm not the biggest fan of pink!)

Also, another crazy wig to work out how to make...

It was totally my fault for leaving it until the last minute, I only had one wig to work with and wasn't able to afford another so had to improvise a bit. but this was miraculously done in two days.

Day 1 (Wednesday): In the end, I decided to get the right shape by papier-machéing a balloon, starting from the spiked end... this actually worked surprisingly well for a one night effort before the con. Unfortunately when I pulled the tape off the balloon (which secured the rounded base to a bowl) it popped and I spent the morning blow drying it to harden anything that hadn't fully set (it was still a little damp and hence floppy). I had originally intended to transport it to the con with the balloon to give it time to dry. I reinforced it with stripes of masking tape, re-lining the whole inside to harden it further, hoping that it would work somehow!

Day 2 (Thursday): Hot glued some felt to the inside rim, after cutting ear sections and the base to shape. Then I brushed as much of the wig hair to the outside as possible, barring one handful of hair which I kept for the middle and sewed the felt down to the wig head to help it hold (I also sewed in three clips at the same time, to make sure it all held up!).

The one handful I had spiked into one big spike going up and through the little hole at the top (which was where the balloon tie was and tied a hair-tie to the end, at this point the whole structure held onto the wig pretty well (especially as I didn't manage to get any wire or anything to reinforce it).

Then it was the case of spray glueing all the hair to the top, covering as much of the base as possible (I kept the outer layer in orange so any gaps weren't too obvious), hot gluing a few bits as I went (sadly I ran out of hot glue doing this). Any spare bits I cut off the length I put to one side and then used to cover up any gaps left by the previous step, annoyingly I was out of hot glue, so this had to be done with the g2b spray which wasn't great for holding them on permanently (so I resorted to having to put some grips in to hold a few of them down).

Cut in fringe, sprayed the stripe on with some cheap black hair dye spray stuff and voilĂ ! Some kind of wig thing to wear the day after (Friday). Don't think I did too bad a job given my limited resources and time xD

Face and arms required some form of face paint I got everywhere. >_>;

Also I'm not very good with make-up, so the eye details were just mushed in with a black eye-liner stick thing that I managed to find.

I did have a couple of nice comments about the badge, I threw this together quite quickly using a bit of foam cut into a circle, red material, which was cut into a slightly bigger circle and then folded over the foam and sewed down onto it around the rim, and then I free-hand painted the design, thanks to my 10 year old days of doodling the logo many-a-time, this wasn't hard to do! Simple, not too time consuming and actually made it look like a convincing badge.

Alas, I caught and laddered my tights so I had to go without - caused me to miss the group photo unfortunately, boo. :(

PandoraCaitiff posted on 3 May, 2014 - 16:47
Wooo! Retro cosplay awesomeness :D Nice work. Very faithful to the source!

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