Sasami - Tenchi Muyo!


Planned for MinamiCon 20 (2014) as part of the Tenchi group. I'm a big fan of the series, mostly because it was one of my earlier anime series and it's pretty nostalgic. Sasami was definitely one of the best characters and a lot of fun to cosplay (although my favourite character will probably always be Washu). <3

Ayeka: Jenn
Ryoko: Charlotte
Sasami: Me
Washu: Fi
Kiyone: Elna
Mihoshi: Vanessa

Ryo-ohki! included.

More pictures to come.

street-angel posted on 11 March, 2014 - 17:10
Best Sasami. Was lovely to cosplay with you x

Angelphie posted on 12 March, 2014 - 22:13
Love the group photos, you all look great! I like how you got your pigtails to stick out - you did well with such a tricky style.

Fyria posted on 13 March, 2014 - 00:43
Thanks! Believe it or not, that was the backup wig - I left it until the last minute to cut that one up for wefts, just on the off chance something went wrong with the original (which it did). It was moreorless a miracle that I could throw the spare into a that shape the night before... thanks to the candy floss sticks I kept from the Friday night party and lots of hot glue/got2be! xD Next time, if I do it again, I plan to redo the wig properly so that it curves better and is much longer/less messy!

13th March 2014

Extra Bits!

Ryo-ohki with her shinier and larger gem blue-tacked on (just for the duration of the con). The shoes were pretty easy, I was going to make them myself and then saw something pretty similar to the base in a Shoe Zone for not too much money so grabbed those (nice time saver). Made the little bows to put on them and sewed on the little purple oval gems. The ribbons aren't actually attached to the shoes themselves, so they're pretty easy to slip off should I ever want to use the shoes for something else. The waist-wrap/obi-thing. I didn't have enough spare interfacing to do this properly, although her bow is pretty droppy and it did actually hold in the right place whenever I had a picture done that showed off any of the back. Although I originally did this with poppers, I had to pin it in a couple of times and then on the day of the con it was still a little big, so I just had to put up with it as I didn't really ave the time to modify it anymore (I just slipped a couple more safety pins into it). All in all, I think it turned out okay.

13th March 2014

The Top Layer

Doesn't quite fall the right way in the picture as it doesn't have anything to hold it up properly (the collars overlap much higher on my neck when worn). This part was reasonably simple to do, using the same Kimono pattern (although I could have left a bit more slack on the shoulders (I regretted not doing this later, but wasn't much I could do)The yellow lines were patterned by the edge of the main body sections of the pattern and sewn on top of the existing green first, then the black was patterned by the actual strip (which was extended to go all the way to the bottom of it. Unfortunately, I was in a rush to buy materials when money came in and the shop I was in didn't have the golden-yellow I was searching for, so it ended up as just yellow.

13th March 2014

The First Layers

It's done now, but I figured I'd upload some bits of the costume, unfortunately I would update with more photos but as you can probably tell - my phone camera isn't really working properly right now. I decided to go all out and make the under layers properly(ish). Sasami has pink sleeves, pink trousers (both lined with stripes) and a white collar, so I modified the under layer of a kimono pattern to have sleeves and used white for the collar (keeping the rest pink). In order to make sure it all held together properly, I actually sewed in a popper on the collar (just below where it would be hidden) to help it hold up on my neck in the correct shape. The Trousers were just elasticated, with poppers on the stripes so that I could get in them. Fortunately I can get my hands through smaller spaces and didn't need to put poppers into the cuffs.

25th December 2013

Wig Shopping

So admist my Chrismas shopping, I decided to nab a couple of wigs so that I can start working out the styling for it... because of the length requirements, went for a couple of these I saw on Amazon.

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