Kyoko Sakura (Magical Girl) - Puella Magi Madoka Magica

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i absolutely adore madoka magica and have been wanting to cosplay from it since i first watched it. kyoko is by far my favourite character and she means a lot to me so i really want to do her justice. i feel that her outfit is above my current skill level, but i have decided to take the plunge and see what i can do - you never know unless you try!

hopefully i can manage to get a group of magical girls together at some point as that would be amazing!


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Progress Journal

17th November 2013


the skirt is finished, although i'm worried about how well the pleats are going to stay in so i may have to think on that. i've made a start on the black top thing so now all i have to do is add the white swirl bits in the points. am still unsure how i will go about that, but hey, i've got time!

my wig has arrived, but i sent it home, so just have to wait until i'm home from uni to try it out. hopefully it will be as good as it looked!

i've bought almost all of the fabric, although they did not have as much as i would have liked of the maroon fabric i bought for the dress part, but i hope i am still able to get it done with what i have.