Mr Tumnus
Chronicles of narnia

Cosplayer: stitcher

Variant: Femme realistic version

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

15th March 2014: Rejig leggings/hooves plan so the leggings aren't quite long enough to stretch how they were supposed to, and attach to the shoes with the hooks and eyes as was the original plan.
There's a butt tone of fabric for my tail and ears which I can use to extend the leggings and make the shape work better.
I'll still be attaching my leggings to the heels with hooks and eyes and not directly sewing the leggings on.
This is to make it super super easy to get in to. and to make sure that if I fall off my heels (totally possible... probable...likely) it means i won't tear myself out of my costume by being clumsy.