Maggie Greene (Too Far Gone) - The Walking Dead


This Little Nephilim posted on 17 January, 2014 - 19:00
Can't wait to see this

narnianlullaby posted on 17 January, 2014 - 21:32
Should hopefully have some sort of a picture up when I've finished painting guns and adding buckles to belts. The main part of it's done though lol.

Add lace to vest top
Remake belt
Paint gun
Make leg holster
Customise boots
Jeans - already owned
Boots - already owned
Black vest - already owned
Red long-sleeve top
Sniper rifle
20mm buckles x4
Gun strap
D rings
Black lace for vest top
Engagement ring

Total cost: £0.00

25th May 2014

Customising boots.

Boots are finally customised. It's something I've been leaning to do for a year. The straps are now a part of the boots, opposed to simply being wrapped around it and buckled.

21st May 2014

Starting work on the gun holster.

Decided to start work on this today. I had planned to wait a little longer, but the sewing bug got me. So far I have the base section completed. I'll be working on the straps next.

18th May 2014

Let's get messy...

This is officially one of my favourite things about cosplaying from The Walking Dead - getting to destroy clothing. Step one: Hole. Jeans. Done with scissors and a sanding block, nothing special.

18th May 2014

Finally getting stuck in!

I've had this costume sat "in progress" for a long time, with all the basics done. Today I actually sat down and did some proper work on it. With having a season 3 Maggie cosplay already, I had the jeans, boots, etc. but decided this year I wanted to work at making things more accurate. First things first, was the belt. I've already made one of these from scratch, it wasn't great, so this morning I suddenly remembered an old belt I had lying around in the drawer. It turned out it was perfect, so I then spent a couple of hours punching holes and putting rivets in (I hate riveting with a passion lol). Much happier with this than anything I could have attempted to make. Next, however, is the gun holster, which I will be making from scratch. It should be an experience!

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