Ruby Rose - RWBY




Ashy-kun posted on 31 July, 2017 - 01:22
This is gonna look adorable. A character like Ruby looks like she'd suit you very well.

Progress Journal

12th October 2017

Belt Accessories

Pouch/box thing...made out of a box covered in craft foam which I then just sealed & painted. Not sure if it’s a bit too big...I’ll see how I feel after RTX & replace it if needbe.

Bullets good to go as well! Just need to attach them to the belt~

12th October 2017

Finished Boots

All laced up & ready to go! Added the ruffle trim as well which is just some red chiffon gathered by hand. Used tape in the inside of the boots to hold it, cosplay secrets right there lol

Really pleased with how these turned out =) I just hope the paint doesn’t chip off but it’s an easy fix if it does.

11th October 2017

Bullets for Belt

Forgot to take a photo after priming but they were primed with some grey primer first then used a metallic silver.

My dad made this cool stand for them as they were flying all over the place when trying to paint them initially XD it’s some cardboard with nails drilled in!

11th October 2017

Boots WIP 2

After painting with the Angelus paint ive sprayed a few light layers of red Plastidip. I’m hoping this will help prevent the paint from chipping but we shall see XD

11th October 2017

Dress WIP 2

Getting there! The bodice needs to be taken in/have some darts added which is why I’m holding it. Other than that I just need to sew the sleeves & hem the skirt portion! Pretty pleased with how this has come together =)

11th October 2017


Due to time I've opted to buy a corset belt & simply switched the lacing for red ribbon. I'll make my own in future when I have more time!

7th October 2017

Boots WIP

Boots progress so far. I bought the boots off eBay & will be changing the laces for some red ones. I'm using some angelus 'walk on red' bottom coat currently. It's looking okay but I'm not sure it's going to properly adhere since I didn't realise until I'd bought it that it's not recommended for rubber soles. So my plan is to use it for now and then get some plastidip to go over it. Hopefully it'll work...

4th October 2017

Dress WIP

Made my own pattern for the circle skirt which has since all been cut out...I actually accidently managed to cut out two skirts...oops! But other than that it went well.

Bodice has also all been cut & sewn & is currently tacked to the skirt. I'll upload some more progress shots once it's sewn properly. I've also cut the sleeves but I first need to make and attach the trim before sewing them.

2nd October 2017


Just a quick shot of my petticoat! (excuse the pjs)
I might make my own in future but I really love it! It's so soft! Purchased from Its from the Banned Apparel line (20'' walkabout petticoat)

1st October 2017


Patterns & fabric for the dress & cloak. For the dress I'm using the bodice pattern from Simplicity 3723 & chosen to use a stretch cotton sateen. Using another pattern I have for the bell sleeves & making a circle skirt for the bottom half.

For the cloak I'm using Simplicity 5794 & using a two-way stretch ponte knit jersey. The crosses are just some pendant/charms I found.
And bullets for her belt before being painted! I got these off a costume bullet belt.

Everything was bought on good old eBay