Bartz Klauser (Amano) - Final Fantasy V


I do love my Amano designs. Bartz was a character I fell in love with when playing the game for being just such an amazing character - a bit of fresh air from the norm.

This is also a special cosplay for me because I went through a bit of a down phase where some personal issues got in the way and some of my cosplays from that period I felt were terrible and I was questioning whether to continue cosplaying. Let's just say when I finally put this all on the day of expo I almost cried in happiness XD.

Design on skirt was designed by me and used a mixture of fabric and fabric paint.

Beads were Miracle beads and all arranged by me to create 2 bangles, 1 hip belt, several addons to main belt, 2 earrings and one headpiece along with pieces for the pauldron.

Pauldron was made from a plastic bowler's hat fro a fancy dress shop and craft foam, spray painted gold and details done with blue acrylic paint.

Top was hand painted.

Wrist guards were craft foam layers with fabric

Boots were interesting. I had a pair of old boots that were falling apart so I cut the top part off and painted the sole gold and the front bit (fairly slowly) with white fabric paint). The upper parts were made from red stretch fabric with gold decal made from craft foam. The white part was craft foam layered with white fabric with gold trim added which was then attached to the main boot with velcro. Held together perfectly which was quite a surprise to me.

I would love to get him out again to derp around in and get some more adventurous pics.

Nesproxy posted on 8 December, 2013 - 01:42
Superb work! :)

Astral Locke posted on 8 December, 2013 - 12:10
Thank you and your Raiden looks epic too :)

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