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AyaCon 2013


Right this costume has been a LONG process of labour and love. I first completed this cosplay back in 2010 when the game got released. Then I decided to rework it and also do the crazy task of making the odin blades as well XD - that was for may expo 2011.

After that I felt reluctant to wear her again because I felt that I let myself down. Especially since I really like her as a character and wanted to make her awesome. However that changed when my mates wanted to do Vanille and Fang and dragged me into it.

After another one of my mates convincing me not to do the suicidal task of getting rid of all of my outfit I decided to rework a lot of bits and only redo certain parts.

The main things I changed with this cosplay were *takes deep breath*:
- redone both armbands
- redone gold circles on front and back of jacket
- added grommets to pockets
- touched up pauldron and made sure it works properly (I can now separate it from my jacket woot!)
- edited main brown belt so that it's shorter and fits better
- Totally new skirt
- painted soles of boots
- created boot belts from scratch
- made new shinpads with correct colour leather (painted leather but that counts XD)
- made a decent attempt at make up (thank you guys XD)

So the pauldron...it's a fluke. It looked terrible the night before the expo in 2011 and somehow sticking all the pieces together and painting it works wonders XD.

the shinpads I was very anal about in terms of colour. I found a very well done real life example and her cgi pic and compared colours to find some decent fabric. When that failed I got some warhammer paint that was pretty much perfect (might have needed a tiny bit more red XD) and painted the leatherette to be the right colour.

The wig. Now as you will see with the pics the time from 2011 it was very..poofy. Now apart from a tiny trim done for a quick party at kitacon 2012 I have done NOTHING to the wig apart from squish it into my wig box. It seemed to have done the trick because now it looks really nice XD.

The armband was a pain to some degree (one kept falling down) but apart from that I am really happy with the improvement I have made in a couple of years. The only thing I need is to have my own gunblade (the one in the pics was borrowed from the lovely DangerousBox :) ).

BladeyCakes posted on 7 December, 2013 - 23:57
Rockin it, bby ;D

Astral Locke posted on 8 December, 2013 - 00:15
Thank you hun <3

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