Garnet til Alexandros XVII (Princess dress) - Final Fantasy IX




I needed a cosplay costume for the cosplay ball at AmeCon 07 and when I asked my friends for suggestions, one of my friends suggested Princess Garnet FFIX and I can't believe I never ever thought of cosplaying as Garnet in her princess dress because it's something which I fell in love with. The dress is absolutely pretty and I would like to get married in that dress (haha! I know I sound a little weird lol) Unfortuately I never had time to make any costumes for the cosplay ball @ Amecon 07 because I had relatives from Canada visiting me for more then a month and I never touched any of my cosplays during that time period (LOL, it must be the longest time I never did anything which relates to cosplay in ages), so I had to push this cosplay back to events in 2008!

This costume was rushed like hell! I had 7 months to kill until the next Expo, but I never started to make the dress properly until just over a month before the Expo. I stayed up till 3am on the Expo day just to complete the damn costume!

The crown was a comission from the wondeful Lady Alexiel ( I would have prefered to make the crown myself, so I can practise with clay, but I knew I will have no time since I was working on Ashe's wedding dress at the same time (working on both Ashe's and Garnet's costume together is a REAL pain, as you all know they are not easy costumes) I will probably messed up on the crown if I made it myself and besides I never had time, so it was sensible to get it commisoned nice and early.

The entire dress was made out of duchees satin, about 9-10 meters was used in total. I managed to find the fabric from the Brimingham Rag markets for a bargin price of £6 per metre and I couldn't resist buying the fabric, it's so prefect for Garnet.

The bodice was one of the things which worries me. It's strapless and has a low back, so I'm really parinoid about the top sliding down all the time >.<" For the bodice, I used the same method which I did to make Ashe's bodice and it turned out well fitted, though there was a time when it was about the slide down, but nevertheless, I'm happy with it. The final touch of the bodice was to add a zip at the back so I can easily put on the costume.

The underskirt was a little bit of a pain. When I first started to make the skirt, I used too little fabric and the skirt doesn't puff out enough, so I added and extra 5 metres of fabric which was too much and makes the skirt looks so weird! LOL, I eventually got the skirt looking right after taking off another 2 metres of fabric from the skirt. I wanted a long train, but it never worked as it made the entire dress look messy, so I had to cut it really short. The gold details at the bottom of the skirt was my own design and painted using gold arcylics.

The overskirt was made by using the same method as the underskirt, but it is cut shorter and there is a split in the middle. I've spent 10+ hours to embroider the over skirt, but it's worth it!

The pendant was a crystal which I brought from Ebay. The crown part of the pendant was my own design which was made from DAS clay and painted with arcylic paints. The pendant was attached to a sliver chain using brass wire.

Believe it or not, the sleeves was actually the hardest task! It took 3 attempts to get it nicely fitted around my arms.


GunstarVixen posted on 11 April, 2008 - 15:31
YAY! you're wearing this to may expo!!!! Lots of love General Beatrix of Alexandria xxx

CrystalNeko posted on 11 April, 2008 - 16:02
Oh my gosh! So pretty! *o* Lol and suprisingly the embroidery part is actually really fun! And this is coming from a person that hates sewing by hand! 8D... Though I admit I'm not looking forward to doing the embroidery on the skirt... The embroidery on the bodice was fun though ;D Can't wait to see this! I demand pictures you hear me!? x3

Anime_Angel posted on 11 April, 2008 - 16:15
Woh your Garnet cospaly is incredible^_^ I wish I can say the same for my Zidane Cosplay lol, anyway, you are gonna rock^_^

Hexi posted on 11 April, 2008 - 16:22
Awesome! I thought you were CrystalNeko then, you look really similar but i've gotten into the bad habit of not checking usernames so i was going "huh? alreayd commented on this cosplay, why's Neko complimenting her own cosplay" then i realised. it's looking good! too bad your mum's making you get your hair cut, you're hair's perfect how it is! ^^

Ichigo-Chan posted on 12 April, 2008 - 10:30
@ GunstarVixen Yey it will be for May's Expo (thats if i finish in time) Can't wait to see your Beatrix @ CrystalNeko Thanks. I think yours look better, I can't even get the train right T_T hopefully I fix it up soon. I'm hoping the embriodery will be fun because it will take up a lot of time on the skirt. @ Amine Angel Thank you! Good luck for your Zidane costume in the future! @ Hexi Don't worry I have the same habit of not checking usernames when I look in profiles. I think people get me confused with CrystalNeko because we both got the same taste in cosplay characters, plus my hairstyle was similiar to hers expect I have a very thick fringe (before my mum cut my hair) In btw thanks for your comment ^_^ Next time I make sure my mum doesn't get the scissors next to me.

MoonLily posted on 19 May, 2008 - 10:09
Ahhh it's looking awesome! :D Can't wait to see this at May Expo!

Anime_Angel posted on 19 May, 2008 - 13:50
I love the prgress of the costume here^_^ you should be proud of yourself^_^

Zelda posted on 9 January, 2010 - 02:27
Your dress is very beautiful ^^.