Final Fantasy X-2

Cosplayer: Violet Kestral

Variant: Warrior

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Kitacon 2014

14th April 2015: Musings on wearing The amount of wear I got out of this cosplay is insane. I think I wore her about 6 times in one year. She became my go-to cosplay, partly because I had neither time nor money to make many more new ones. I suppose she's retired for now, but it was nice to finally wear something I'd dreamed of for so long.

Even if, were I ever to remake it (which I won't), I'd use pleathers instead of stretch. Because challenge. And more realistic.

18th March 2014: I only like this cosplay in parts We have sleeves now. Although, they're pretty terrible. But they're hidden under stuff, so I'm not sure I care =p

And yeah, I like the bodysuit on it's own.
And I like the shorts on they're own.
And the leggings.
And the boots.
And even the headband and gloves.
But altogether, I'm not so sure.

10th March 2014: . Proud of this so far, especially since I'm not great with props =) So close to being finished with everything as well. Bring on Kita!!

15th February 2014: I'm not sure I have much to say about this But here's some obvious progress on the body suit (that's what I'm calling it).

The sword is well on its way. I need to buy some more wood glue (seriously, it used a whole bottle so far =/) then sand like hell and paint. I'm mainly doing it on my weekdays.

Elsewise, the shoes are somewhat half done. Just need to add on the decorative bits. Wig has been bought, but will need some styling.
And I still need to make a start on her various shouldery pieces. Oh, but the red gloves are done! =)

3rd February 2014: . I had a bit of a moment where I didn't want to bother with this cosplay anymore, so I lost over a week of time, but never fear, I'm in cosplay chess, so now I have motivation again!

I've now made the basic shoe covers. I still haven't bothered to sew the bodysuit bits together, but I'll find the time eventually. Also made the gloves, because let's be honest, they were easy. And I hate making gloves.
I think I may take a break from sewing to make her sword. Bought all the bits for that last week. Hopefully gonna make it really well <3

19th January 2014: . Have finished the leggings and the shorts today, so well on my way, and also really loving how it's going so far =)

The main body piece still needs to be sewn to the red shorts, but they're almost done. Which leaves me boots, arm pieces and a few bits and bobs. Oh, and I need to buy the wig still. And make the sword...

The aim is to get all the sewing done by the end of January (if possible) leaving me 2 months to finish my other 2 Kita cosplays and make the sword =)

6th January 2014: Good beginnings Made a fine start on this yesterday (determined to not leave everything to the last minute).

All the fabric for this cosplay is lycra (of some sort) because I thought stretchy stuff would be easiest. I mean, I need to match the leggings with everything else, and they're much easier to make with stretch.

Anyway, I started by throwing some steel grey (perfect colour imo) lycra over my mannequin and pinning the sides. Gave me a lovely base for the top, as you can see in the wonderful photo. After a bit of a faff with choosing a zip, I drew a line down the centre of the bodice (can I call it that?). I carefully cut part of this to give me a rough neckline. Pinned it all to shape and then cut out some yellow lycra to match the curve.
Zip was then pinned and sewn in, leaving me to finish off sewing the rest of the yellow part down.

Also got started with the leggings. Cut 2 rectangles each of grey and brown, sewed them up (with a shiny strechy stitch!) then carefully top-stitched white bias binding on the top. Suddenly discovered that she has silly red triangles on her leggings, but that's fine, I need to pin the leggings to size, then I can put the triangles on, sew it up and done =]

J-Po avatar

J-Po - 20th January 2014
oo i cant wait to see this

Zelvyne avatar

Zelvyne - 18th March 2014
Looking great so far :) Can't wait to see it finished

Kei Lin Sama avatar

Kei Lin Sama - 9th April 2014
Your tailoring is annoyingly good. Superb as always!