Long Susan/Rose Erskine/Jane Cobden - Ripper Street





I adore this series and find the costumes in it absolutely stunning, so I'd love to try my hand at re-creating one of them. I love Susan's outfits but unfortunately she's blonde and I'm not sure I'd really suit her; which is a shame because I adore Jackson and I just think she's a badass. Rose (namesake!) also wears lovely clothes and the other plus is she's brunette like me and I really admire her strong will to improve her life. Jane is another brunette and I see her as the sweet lolita of the girls xD Plus she's totally politically aware which is awesome.

Considering for October Expo as the whole show has been saved by us fans :D It'd be a mahoosive project, I'm not sure it'd be immediately recognisable but very interesting.


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