Edward Kenway
Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Cosplayer: jaks-kingdom-dwarf

Variant: Normal with leather armour

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

4th May 2014: 3 weeks to go It's now only 3 weeks to go until Expo (augh) I've now just finished the bottom arm braces that go under his hidden blades and now I've just started to make the shoulder armour. I finished the boot covers last week but what I'm a little anxious about is time as I have finally been able to get a full time job but that also means I don't have much time to make the Cosplays like I did before :(

18th April 2014: 90% done Today i finally finished the leather jacket and i added hooks and eyes to the hood so my boyfriend can then have it up or down. I've started work on the boot covers as we couldn't find any that was in our price range that fitted him or looked like Edward's i now just need to attached the top flaps to the boots then add attachments at the bottom to stop them from riding up.

18th March 2014: So close now I have finally finished the hood with 4 attempts at it. Now the jacket and hood are done I can start work on the leather work and get it done with plenty of time to finish mine :D.

25th February 2014: Front detail being added After my boyfriend trying on the jacket with the front and back panels we did notice that when he wanted to do poses there were gaps in between the spaces of the hooks and eyes so i added in some more and then when that was done i started to add the rope detail on the front of the jacket.

I will with any luck be putting the pics of the front with the detail on soon :D

20th February 2014: 2 Front skirt panels done just need the back doing With the Jacket having an extra section at the bottom i wanted to do them when i had added the lining to the main part of the jacket. When i had done that i cut 2 panels and attached lining to them as well, once that was done i added them to the jacket by hand sewing them on so i could make the stiches not show on the outside. I am about to make the back ones and put a white trim on them.

So far it seems to look ok so lets hope it all carries on this way LOL :D

10th February 2014: Collar add on, white panel and lining With the main part of the jacket been near enough done I then added the white panels to the front and I added and extra piece to the front to make the lapel. To make it look neater I have tried to add the hooks and eyes in between the main part and the white lapel.

When they were all in place and I was happy with it I then added the blue lining to the inside. When I have finished these parts properly I will start the bottom of the jacket. After that I will then be starting work on the leather work. ^_^

27th January 2014: Blue top jacket half way Well after the alterations I needed to do I then pinned it on the blue material, then after cutting it out I did all the raw edges and sewn it together.

I turned the edges of the front in so then they should meet together without overlapping.

The next thing I need to do is buy the lining and stiffening for the collar.

24th January 2014: Started making it :D The other day i finally got the blue material to make the main body of the coat. To make it easier seen as this is for my boyfriend i decided to use one of my dad's old shirts to see how it would fit on him. when i saw how the shirt fitted i pinned it to some old material to make a mock jacket seen as it needed alterations.

When my boyfriend tried it on we could see where it needed changing so that's the next bit to do, once they are ok i can then pin the mock jacket to the actual material and cut that out.

25th November 2013: Planning stage When my boyfriend said how he'd fancy doing Edward I said if he wanted I could have ago at making it for him. When we said the other day that he would definately do it for May Expo we began to look at the outfit in more detail.

So we could have a good look at the outfit he put the game on and took photos from different angles.

otakugirl avatar

otakugirl - 26th February 2014
AWESOME! Great work so far, can't wait to see another Edward at the expo :)

jaks-kingdom-dwarf avatar

jaks-kingdom-dwarf - 27th February 2014
Aww thank you I really appreciate that ^_^ thankfully my bf is liking it so far but if you see us you should come over and say hi there should be about 3-4 of us Cosplaying from assassin's creed 4 :)