Chun-Li - Street Fighter series





I wore this costume back in 2009 and 2010, it's my favourite costume of all the ones I've made to this day. Too bad it doesn't fit me anymore.
It was even worn in Eurocosplay 2011 when I represented my country, Portugal.


Mothfox posted on 24 November, 2013 - 20:10
Really good costume as a fan of chun-li its nice to see the red version than the usual blue one ^_^

Ranma1-2 posted on 24 November, 2013 - 23:15
Fab-u-lous! :)

Mighty Odango posted on 25 November, 2013 - 08:35
I thought I recognised your username! I remember this from EuroCosplay (I was helping my partner who was representing the UK that year). Great to see another colour variant of Chun-Li and she suits you really well :)

The Retro Valentine posted on 30 December, 2013 - 14:17
This really suits you, and I looooove the colour variant :D

Arkantos posted on 29 March, 2014 - 00:10
looking good =D