Blossom - Powerpuff Girls


I made this as a joke cosplay with GunstarVixen and Kitsunedesu!

Blossom was always my favourite, I was more than happy to xD

The dress was bought from Boohoo. The belt was from Primark. Socks and shoes I already had.

The wig was borrowed from Pandora-Chi.

The bow was the only thing I made! Made from leftover cotton, it's just two rectangles sewn and gathered together.

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1.25m Blue bi-stretch suiting

Total cost: £0.00

30th December 2013


My wig arrived! I just had to try it on, but all my blonde hair make up is in Basingstoke atm and I'm in Taunton so I probably look reeeeally odd with blonde hair right now but oh weeeeeell 8') This is the cutest wig ever omg.

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