Erik / The Phantom (Still have to decide which one to do first) - The Phantom of the Opera





Lately I've realized that Erik is without a doubt one of my six favourite characters... I've probably known that for years now, but I didn't realize it until just recently. Why? I don't know, because I'm blind at times.

Cosplaying as him is probably my "dream cosplay". I've no idea which version of his clothes I will do. Because I like them all in their own way.

One thing's for certain, I won't do the version of him from 1925, because that one's boring and I'm not really after to cover up my face like that nor am I tempted to do such a "face" underneath the mask. When it comes to that part I'm more into the masks from the later versions (will most likely go for the brodway version, if I know myself as good as I think that I do). As for his face itself... I'm more into attempting to make it look like in the brodway version, because having it look like a burn as in the movie seems sort of boring.

I like the dark red waistcoat he has in the beginning of the movie from 2004, but I don't like the way it looks (seriously, it's not late 19th century at all). I like the details on his cape and those hats that they made for the 25th anniversary, but not the fact that he has the "cape over his arms" like that. So I'm thinking about picking parts from those two versions and turn it into one.

And I adore the clothes he has in the movie from 2004 during the Masquerade, so those will be for the future as well.

The clothes during "Point of no Return", once again mainly from the movie, but I liked the get up in the 25th anniversery preformance as well... So once again, maybe a combination of the parts I liked from each version.

Lastly, turning to Ben Lewis in the role as Erik during "Love never dies", the clothes that he has in the very beginning when singing "'til I hear you sing" and then after he shows up again later on, for example during "The beauty underneath".

So we shall see which one I do first, I will make them all somehow in the end. Because he's so worth it.


Clockwork Dandy Noodles posted on 22 November, 2013 - 15:29
I would love to see Erik done :) I cosplayed Hannibal slave Christine from the West end stage production, much love for Phantom and It needs more attention on the cosplay front.

Caius posted on 22 November, 2013 - 18:41
Me too, because he's so worth it. ^^ I'm hoping to start with a cosplay as him sometime during the later part of this upcoming summer or early autumn, because I'd love to cosplay as him. Oh yes, I saw it in the showcase and it looked amazing (I wish that I could have seen it "live", that's how awesome I think it looked). (: