Aru Akise - Mirai Nikki





Just a closet cosplay, because I can and because Aru gave me some inspiration. Will be without his coat though, because I don't have something like that and I'm too lazy to make it. Will borrow the phone needed from a friend.

And please ignore that I refuse to cut the bangs on the wig (it's my wig for Break, and I won't cut it since I cosplay as Break more than any of the other characters I've cosplayed thus far),

Updated waaaay too late from what I originally planned;
I wasn't able to record the videos needed for the CMV way back when I and Therese had the photoshoot for this... (I froze my as off, lol, it was cold as hell and the winter came the day after we had the photoshoot, so no wonder that I was frozen).

Will try to have another photoshoot again this upcoming autumn (yes, I'm picky, I want autumn/winter-feels in the photos, lol), and when/if it happens I'll get a new wig for it that I can cut the bangs on, besides, if I do that I can make the character that have the same hairstyle as Aru sooner as well.


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