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So the moment the promo stuff began for Disney's upcoming Frozen, I had a feeling I'd wanna cosplay one of the characters, but at the time only concept art for Anna was ever released. Since Elsa was announced I fell in love with her blue gown and white hair. She looked soooo interesting, I couldn't wait to find out more about her.

Then her song "let it go" gets released (well.. a tiny snippet) and I fell in love. That song hit a nerve and I had to cosplay her. I didn't intend to start work on her until the movie came out but my patience ran out and I had to start work on Elsa as soon as! Turns out I'm giving myself a month to do this (or as much as possible) for the film's release because I'm utterly insane and want to challenge myself into properly getting back into cosplay.

So I guess we'll see how I do! So far I'm soo confident about this and can't wait to finish it!!! I just know she's gonna become one of those character where I'm like "she's ma girl" kinda thing haha! Just like Ariel and Rapunzel. Yup yup.. she's a huge confident booster, even with what I've got done so far.

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ice up shoes
bedazzle top and bodice of dress
properly make and attach cape
Base dress
fabric dye
fabric for cape
wig and wefts
Snap Tape
Nylon tights for under shirt
Make up palette
velvet and fleece for an outer wear capelet

Total cost: £0.00

28th November 2013

More updates

SHOES: They arrived and are a bit snug but I think once I've worn them in, they'll be okay. Also still waiting on the paint to turn them all icy. It never arrived, so the seller has had to re send me out some, so hoping it'll arrive by Saturday. UNDER SHIRT: For this, I was properly struggling to find a dance top (as they are the right fabric) of the right color and one that would be relatively cheap and in the UK. So I've used some imagination after some advice given to me and used a pair of 40denier tights to make the under shirt! The basics of it are done, just need to bedazzle the sleeves when I can. EXTRAS; Bought some fleece in pale blue and velvet in ice blue, to which I'll be making an outer wear capelet for this costume. Why? Because I've scored advanced screening tickets to see Frozen at the weekend and myself and a friend want to go to it as Anna and Elsa!!! So I need something that will go with the outfit for travelling in! Hehe! Also as it's blue, it will work for other princesses I'll no doubtedly add at a later date. Tomorrow I'll be doing the cape now my snap tape has arrived! Can't get over quickly I've got this sorted- or at least the basics done! I do wanna replace my wig but that can wait. My current one will work for the time being.

21st November 2013


Just a quick journal note really to show which shoes I purchased for this costume. I know they're not 100% accurate, but then hers were made out of ice and shaped into snowflake edges. I cannot even begin to think of a way of doing that! So I went for a silver glitter heels, and I have got ice blue fabric paint that I'll use for them! More will be revealed once I've started work on them when I get them in the mail!

21st November 2013


So today my fabric for her cape arrived and I've just been playing around with it, trying out different ways of draping it before I can get some snap tape and attach the cape properly. I'm also thinking of putting my own little twist to her cape and having a drape/dip in the back middle, to make the cape drape out further at the bottom. I've decided to not do the cape too long as I want it to be practical, without getting too dirty too quickly. I just love messing around with fabric to be honest! It's sooooo pretty and shimmery! If only my phone's camera would pick up the shimmer.... lol! Now to continue my hunt for a mesh under shirt and Elsa will be done in a basic way, until I can get more sequins to really bedazzle the bodice and cape the way I really want to. I also have decided to eventually change my wig to a lace front one as I'm not 100% happy with the outcome. So because of that, until I do a make up test to go with the wig, I won't be adding a photo of the wig lol!

16th November 2013


I bought this base dress off ebay. It arrived a tad darker than I thought it would be, but I can still work with it, judging by the full length in film ref image I put up. I also think its brings out the more white hues of the wig really nicely too. So.. THE DRESS: As I stated it's a braidsmaid dress I bought off ebay, to which I edited. It turned out to be too big by about 3inches which positively surprised me! I took the photo to make sure I pulled it in enough, then afterwards I removed the waterfall ruffle on the skirt part and made the split which the waterfall ruffle previously hid just a tiny bit so it was an accurate length to Elsa's. Then sewed it all back up! So that was nice and simple. I still have sequins to buy and add to the bodice, as the ones on this were just glitter glued on, which I found was sooo bad for the money I spent on the dress. Soooo I'm going to buy some kind of sequins (probably the rectangular ones like is shown on the image, but if I cant find them I'll go for the next best thing) to make the bodice super sparkly! WIG: Wig was just roughly "styled" for the sake of the photo really, but not actually styled properly. I got it from coscraft and it's so thin at the front, you can see the wefts and cap underneath. The wefts start really far back too, so I'm not too pleased with that. Sooo I bought some pure white wefts to add into the wig so I can style it properly! The main wig is coscraft's "misty white" in the Irina wig.

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