Princess Bubblegum - Adventure Time with Finn and Jake




Triforceofdragons. posted on 5 December, 2013 - 20:50
You gonna make an awesome Bubblegum :3 Just don't get pink on me plz...

Progress Journal

23rd May 2014

still working on cosplay the night before con!

So my socks did not arrive before I left uni to go home for expo :(
But the day before (so today) I went out and, with the help of the gf, found some socks and then painted the stripes on. So they'll be dry by morning and hopefully okay! This is a pretty stretchy material so I doubt I'll have the same problem as before.
The socks also came with red bows attached, which I cut off and will attach to the shoes with safety pins. So everything is complete! Yay ^^

19th May 2014

Stuff going wrong a week before expo yay

So the socks I got seemed to lose their stretchiness at the top after I painted them (I'm assuming its because of the paint because I don't remember them being like that when I first tried them on....). They were so tight I could barely get them on and it was actually painful.
I figured that they'd go back to normal once I'd washed them, but apparently not! D:
So I have ordered another pair and I really hope they arrive before I go back home.

7th May 2014


So I now have everything I need - got the socks, shorts and t-shirt, which were relatively cheap and easy to find.
I have begun painting the design onto the shirt, as well as stripes on the socks. It's not perfect, but I'm pleased so far :)
Hopefully I'll finish it all before I go back to uni in three days!
I also have had the fringe cut into the wig. I probably should do a trial of doing the full body paint soon too!
If I can I will get red bows for the shoes, but in all honesty that is the least on my list of priorities, and don't feel they're that necessary to the cosplay... Oops. If I can I will :)

22nd February 2014

finally buying more stuff

So I've bought the shoes. It isn't very much but I don't have much money left for this month. I just got some pink trainers from Primark cos they'll be cheap, and they were only £6! I just need to add the red bows to them, but can do that nearer the time.
Now I need to research into good quality (but affordable) body paint, and find shorts, t-shirt and socks. Then I'll work on painting the design on the t-shirt.

17th January 2014

Finished the crown!

This took me a lot of trouble trying and failing with a glue gun, which I barely even used in the end.
Very simply, the crown is cut out of yellow card. I used some super strong double sided tape my mum has to stick some thin wire along the vertical bit (what do you even call that?) to support it. Then stuck another layer of card to the back. For the jewel I bought a small button and painted it blue with nail varnish, then stuck that on with the glue gun.
Overall it's a teeny bit tacky - but it's pretty strong and it fits and looks good unless you go right up and scrutinise it (I hope!)
If I had more time and more money to buy more supplies then I could do it a lot better, but I'm going back to uni tomorrow so I'm pleased with what I could do!

9th January 2014

Starting the crown

So yesterday I bought some card and stuff to do the crown. Ideally I wanted to use craft foam, but the shop I went to only had tiny sheets. But I'm hoping this still turns out okay!
Today I did head measurements and then drew out the shape I want on some paper and scrap card (whixh took ages) and then cut them out. I'm happy with the shape, but I need to make some kind of support for the jewel. I bought a little curved button to use for it, and it's too heavy for the card.
But so far I'm pleased!

5th January 2014

Finally starting (kinda....)

So I've ordered the wig. I managed to find one that looked good on ebay, and the seller has really positive reviews. And it turned out to be like £10 total which was sweeeeeet. Hope its okay! Though I'll be at uni when it arrives and the delivery address is my parents' house, so I probably won't see it. Oops.
This is the wig I've got in 'pale pink' (which looks darker than the pink option, hmmmm)

7th December 2013

Plan so far

I have decided on which Bubblegum outfit I am going to do - the one from the episode The Real You.
This seemed the easiest option considering I'm a uni student so have little time and money for ambitious cosplay ;_;
I'll need to get some pink trainers, white socks, white shorts and a yellow tshirt, which I will then paint the rainicorn on with fabric paint. That is my plan so far!