Poison Ivy (Original) - Batman

Status :In Progress
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Ivy leaves.

Base suit

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This costume won't be based on any particular version, my intention's to try to combine a Uma-esque catsuit with a traditional leafy bodice effect.


Mothfox posted on 9 November, 2013 - 14:07
Looks nice so far! maybe adding some ivy vines to make it look like the outfit is alive would be good

Progress Journal

Starting out... (Posted 9th November 2013)

A metre each of natural green and olive green latex for making 'leaves' and accessories and covering boots/shoes. The gloves are a good match colour-wise but will need customising too, I'm thinking of a olive leafy 'cuff' at the top and maybe a line of small natural green leaves along the outside?

I have a lot of cutting out to do...