Legolas (Mirkwood/Laketown Olive Tunic) - The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug



Continuing my quest to make all of Legolas' costumes hee hee.

As we are getting closer to the film's release date more pictures are being released and I am really liking this costume. I have quite a bit of the materials already so I can make a start on this while sourcing the fabrics for his Mirkwood armour.

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8th February 2014

Bow Tutorial

I have set up a tutorial for anyone who would like to make a prop bow themselves. You can check it out on my deviantart here http://fav.me/d75k6z0 Or the quick guide gallery on my facebook here https://www.facebook.com/SephirayneCostumesArt

22nd October 2013

Bow Complete. Starting the Quiver

I took the finished bow to LFCC 2013 with me and was really pleased on how it fared. I loved the lightness of it and that I had made it con safe. I did test fires from it prior to the con to make sure and the arrow just dropped from it. It didn't even fire. It did get a couple of scratches which I'll fix. I'm going to seal it with PVA glue instead of varnish as I think the flex it has meant the spray varnish wasn't as strong as it could have been. (photo of the completed bow at LFCC with my Lothlorien costume for LOTR. Photo credit Gemma Melody). Now that the bow is done (bar minor reapir) I'm confident to move onto the quiver. As my Lothlorien quiver has held together after ten years I'm going to be using the same method of mounting board as a base with Paper Mache over the top. It will keep it light weight. I'll be building it onto a harness that will be worn under the over tunics. This will help it stablise but also it was how it was done for Orlando to protect his back. I didn't do it for the Lothlorien one as I didn't have any picture ref at the time. I have found some recently which will give me an idea on how to make it.

29th June 2013

Bow Progress 6 (Posted 29th June 2013)

I let the bow dry for a couple of days as I want to make sure I have a good base to work with for the paint. I first apply a base coat in black. I use a spray for this for good coverage. I do a couple of light layers to make sure I have caught everywhere. (sorry, no photo). Once the base is fully dry I then start working on the brown for the wooden part. I do this in two stages. The first layer is the darker brown base. This is painted on quite thickly. The second stage is a lighter brown which I dry brush on in streaks. I then use my finger to blend it in. This gives the rough look of wood. When the brown is dry I then add the gold details on the leaves. I dry brush on a couple of layers. I then add vines in between the leafs and I add a couple of extra leaves at the ends. I then leave to dry. Finally I spray a couple of layers of spray varnish to seal the bow. Photo is during the leaf detail stage. Photo by PC-IchabodCrane

26th June 2013

Bow Progress 5

Once all the leaf craft foam pieces are in place I then add craft foam details to the ends to match the original. I then seal all the pieces with a couple of layers of PVA glue (1 part PVA Glue to 1 part water). This will make a great base for when it comes to painting. Photo is the bow after one layer of PVA. Photo by Me.

25th June 2013

Bow Progress 4

I leave the bow over night to dry to make sure that the ends are fully dry. Now its time to add the leave design. I decided to do some of the leafs in craft foam to make them pop more. Each leaf is cut out and then glued on with superglue. I started from the middle and worked outwards. Photo by Me

24th June 2013

Bow Progress 3

In order to match the design of the bow in the film I needed to add more to the ends of the bow. So I cut into the flattened ends of the bow and then added Sintra/Foamlux PVC pieces. Each piece was cut using a Dremel multi tool and then shaped to fit using a heat gun. Each piece was found in my scrap bag (I keep any cut offs of Sintra just in case I need it for a job like this). I then hot glue each piece in place. While drying its held in place with some tape (as seen in photo). Photo by Me.

17th June 2013

Bow Progress 2

Once I am happy with the length I then start to shape it using a heat gun. I make sure that I am shaping it in a well ventilated area as plastic can give off invisible fumes. I'm wearing all the equipment that I am wearing in the above entry's photo as well as glove to protect my hands from the heat as the pipe will get incredibly hot. I've curved the main body and squeezed the ends. In between stages I allow it to cool and steadily form it. Its best to shape it in stages that way you get a smooth curve. Once I am happy with the shape I allow it to completely cool. Photo is the bow after being left over night to cool. Photo by me

16th June 2013

Bow Progress 1

I spotted a pvc pipe in my local Wilkos and decided it would work well as a base for my new bow. Once I got it home I gave it a clean and then started to work on it. First thing I did was the cut it down to the right size. I used my Dremel multi tool to cut it and then to sand it. Note in the photo that I am wearing safety equipment as plastic can give off a lot of dust. I'm also making sure the the Dremel is moving away from me. The other end of the pipe is secured out of shot so that it doesn't fly away from me. I'm also wearing my crafting clothes. Photo by PC-Ichabod Crane

12th June 2013

Starting the bow.

I needed a new bow for my 'Lord of The Rings' Legolas as my current one is a real one and no longer is allowed at events. During the progress of it I realised that the base was a better fit for his bow with this costume so I decided to alter my plans and change it to this costume.

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