Rogue - X-Men The Animated Series




This cosplay was a big challenge for me, as I'd never worked with lycra or wigs before.
Everything in this cosplay is made by me from scratch or by altering existing items (such as the wigs and jacket)

I am a huge X-Men fan and my favourite character has always been Rogue, ever since I watched her and Gambit in the animated series when I was a kid. I love how strong her character is, something I feel the films really didn't capture...

Starting from the top:

- For the wig, I sewed two wigs together, curled and styled them and sewed on the headband

- The suede jacket is vintage, I took it completely apart and altered it to fit me, then sewed it together again. I added some polypropelene to the collar to made it stand up. I then distressed the jacket using acrylic paint, and made the 'x' patch from felt.

- The suit is green and yellow lycra - this was super difficult to sew!! It opens at the back with a large keyhole opening. The black details are also made from felt.

- The gloves are also sewn by me from yellow lycra

- The belt is made from left over suede from the jacket, distressed with acrylic paint. The buckle is made from foam, joined with a snap fastener

- The boots are lycra covers that I made, covering a pair of high heeled court shoes. The tops are lycra-covered foam. These had a bit of trouble staying up when I wore them at MCM, so I need to find a better way to get them to stay put.

I had loads of fun wearing this costume at MCM Expo, and a lot of positive comments which made it almost worth the stress of making it ;)


Cy-Fi posted on 27 January, 2014 - 14:38
One of my all time favrets. Wish you all best with it and looking foreword to seeing the finished costume.

pelagia posted on 27 January, 2014 - 16:31
Thank you!

Progress Journal

21st April 2014

Sneak Preview

A sneak preview of me as Rogue...

21st April 2014

Rogue's Wig Journey

After many hours of work Rogue's wig is finally finished and I'm pretty happy with it.
I started off with a cheap party wig (don't tell anyone...) in auburn, which I straightened using the amazing hot water method.
I then bought a short white cosplay wig, from which I removed the top front section. I then removed the top front section of my auburn wig, and hand sewed the corresponding white section in its place.
I then set the whole wig in rollers and used the hot water method again to curl it. The cheap wig reacted much better to this styling process, so I had to go over the white one with straighteners to touch it up.
I then sewed Rogue's black headband in place (quite tricky). It is actually the waistband of an old pair of tights!
I styled the wig using got2b freeze spray and got2b styling glue, which are brilliant.

1st April 2014

Wig Stress!

So my wig arrived and I am altogether pretty happy with it. The colour is good and it has the right choppy, voluminous cut for 90s Rogue. HOWEVER, it needs a lot of work to get it how I want it, so I am doing wig styling for the first time. I have also decided that I need to sew a short white wig into the top rather than hair extensions for the right look.

27th January 2014


Plan to buy this wig and add white hair extensions.

27th January 2014


Bought a vintage suede jacket off Ebay. It's not quite right, and too big, so I plan to alter it.