Kagerou Project

Cosplayer: BakaBakaRangers

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Kitacon 2015

4th June 2014: .:Complete!:. Just letting the trousers dry...tbh, it's not very sunny and even hanging them up on a radiator isn't helping,,,
So it might be a while before I can get any pictures up (mostly because I'll also forget, aha,,,), but it's at least complete!
A whole month before a con...this costume wasn't any issue...huh...

26th May 2014: 90% completion... Got the over shirt done.
It barely took a day, wow. I'm pretty glad.
And it's actually super comfy. The issue is, it's super warm to wear, so I almost regret choosing to wear Konoha for manchester, in the middle of god damn July...it's gonna be warm as hell, I already assume I'm gonna spend half the time barely wearing the cosplay.

25th May 2014: .:Under Shirt:. I said it'd only take like two days and nobody believed me.
Well, it only took an extra few days or so because of me procrastinating and trying not to burn down the kitchen with clay.
Took a lot of effort and back ache, but I got it done. So Konoha is literally around 60% done, which is great, since I have a month to go. Especially since the over shirt will take a day or so.
Feel like I might boil at the con, though...

22nd May 2014: Dye and Paint arrives It has arrived. Paint first, which wasn't handy, but it's both here now. Now I gotta clean up a little so I can actually dye it in the spare sink, then I can paint it while it washes and dries.

17th May 2014: .:Boots and Headphones:. Done and dusted.
Boots only just fit my legs. They go up, even though they take like twenty minutes to put on, but they fit, so I'm not buying more, fuck that. Need another layer of paint, but done.
Headphones are drying, but painted and done. Might need another layer.
I feel like a Vocaloid, which is a little ironic...

10th May 2014: Everything rolling- -Or I hope so.
Buying tons of shit off ebay...most of it quite cheap. So, at least if it goes wrong I can shout 'WELL IT WAS ONLY £5'
...because I have no concept of money, as proven by my 50 new games.
I should be doing this alongside Jess, as Kano, at Manchester, if I go. I should go, but I've not been in the right place, lately and my anxiety has gone back to square one...but two-three months should be enough for me to calm my damn tits.
Anyway, back on subject-
I've bought black material, yellow headphones, yellow trousers and some boots. So, I should be fine and dandy to get him finished while making Kano for Jess.

28th April 2014: Back in progress... Well, it would be, if I could find any trousers to buy for this. I'm gonna end up resorting to buying white trousers to dye yellow, god damn.

1st December 2013: .:Scarf:. Gotta be the easiest part of this outfit. Trust me.
I pretty much found scrap material around the house and used it to make the general scarf shape and I sewed on some velcro to make it wearable(I do still need to hem the back of it, though, but my sewing machine is temperamental to the black thread).
I WAS gonna use material to make the arrow shapes, but they took at least 4 tries to get to the right shape and angles, and even after all that, they didn't look right. So I got rid of them and just painted them.
Though, the paint was annoying enough. I had to use white paint on the black and then go over it in yellow once it was dry and thick enough.

4th November 2013: Wig Decided My gran wants to buy me wigs for Christmas, so I've aimed at Konoha's wig since I have all my others, haha.
This one is the ONLY proper Konoha wig on ebay. So I've gone for it since it looks nice enough and i bought my Aoba wig from the same seller.

InfiniteJester avatar

InfiniteJester - 25th May 2014
Looking great so far!

wingedwolf avatar

wingedwolf - 14th July 2014
EEEE can't wait to see this!! I will be there as Haruka :3