Matsulika (First glimps!) - Alichino




This one was evil.

The woman is evil in the manga, and the costume was evil to make!
Firstly, it was another one I've wanted to make since before I knew about cosplaying, I won a competition for Waterstones to design a charicter for a manga, and I won first prize. It's been the first and only time my art has won anything, so I was dead chuffed and was given Pita-Ten box set of manga and got to choose one of the massive cardboard cutouts they had. I didn't know any of them so I just chose the one wearing less clothes!
So Matsulika holds a special squishy place in my heart, and I knew I wanted to make her!

It's all about the layers!
Tights, then the main skirt, then the white over skirt that's all poofy at the back, then the belt-like side skirt, the the top half.
The bra is my friends, have you any idea how hard it is to find a blue bra?! And hopefully one day I'll get ahold of some faux-leather or lamb-skin hide and I'll make it properly, but the corset (well, half corset) was the bit that was going to always give me trouble.
It's faux-swede and has a bit of underwireing but aside from being attached onto a sleeve and some belts, just kindof... floats there. And I didn't fancy flashing my boobs, which I ended up doing anyway.

The corset was sewn to the left sleeve, and pinned into place once the sleeve was on, with more pins attaching it to the bra underneith, and a belt holding onto my shoulder. That belt was in turn attached by leather lacing to another blet and the corset attached by more leather lacing to another belt. That belt was then attached by leather lacing to the coller, with had to then be laced up the front. The other sleeve was kindof stuffed under my armpit and held loosely by one of the blets which finaly attached onto the skirt.

*whew* yes it's sitting in a bag now in a hopeless tangle of string and belts with two random sleeves and a small piece of red fabric that is imbued with magic to keep it attached to my breast.

Apart from the blonde wig and slightly in-acurate shoes, the whole thing was very much how it apears in the manga, and the clours are pretty exact.
Asied from the evil of the left sleeve being so tight it made my arm numb when I bent it it was... succesful.

Maybe one day I'll drag her out and fix her up, but until I grow eyes and arms out the back of my head I wont be able to fix it completely.


Oh, and not one person has recognised me. NOT ONE.


Amy-Lou posted on 8 April, 2009 - 13:20
Ah! I wondered who you were cosplaying! I know Matsulika, but I've never seen a colour image, so your wonderful colours made me think it must be from some new RPG. You did a great job, and so many ruffles on the shoulders!

nanahara posted on 8 April, 2009 - 17:15
you look brilliant

Ranma1-2 posted on 7 July, 2012 - 19:38
applause for taking the boob flash in your stride ^^ the things we do for cosplay.. Cosplayers are a special breed of people. :)

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