Ichigo (Transformed state) - Tokyo Mew Mew


Alcon 2008




From the manga, I had help with the bodice part, but I'm constantly re-making parts I'm not satisfied with!

This was my first ever cosplay, I was given a whole bunch of manga from my aunt and uncle which they brought back from Japan. I'd never heard of manga, or cosplay, but as soon as I read the first Tokyo Mew Mew book, I was hooked and knew I wanted to make her costume!
It wasn't until years later I discovered that people did that sort of stuff all the time and dressed up there creations and got together at con's and expo's...

I started by consulting my mother, who used to made dresses for her mum's shop. She's amazing with needle and thread and making patterns so she helped me make the corset-esque bodice by using two other corsets as reference and a hell of alot of bloody pinning (and I mean bloody, she kept poking me with the needles!). The skirt was simple enough but I still want to re-make it, we didn't have enough fabric to fold the skirt under it's self and the mesh underskirt to make it look more like the skirt in the pictures, al soft and folded at the hem... So that's to be re-done now I have the fabric! YAYNESS.

I'm not happy with any of the accesories. The garter and choker have recently been re-done but need to be glued in place, the choker would slip round my neck and end up with the bell at the back rather than front and the garter wouldn't stay up without some kind of elastic and the elastic one hurt like a mother-f****r. The arm bands need re-done too, the elastic on them is too tight and cuts in, and the feathery part is slowly falling off. :P

The ears were always a bit too long, they look more like fox ears and they need re-made as there getting a bit nakered anyway with all the shoving into bags they've been through!

The one part I was alwasy really pleased with was the tail, from the start I didn't want to have a limp lifeless tail that hung down the back like a flacid penis, so I nicked some heavy duty gardening wire off my dad and attached it onto a very tight wide elastic belt, with a loop of wire that hooks onto my bra strap and corset top. I made a faux-velvet black/blue fabric tube and stuffed it with quilting wadding before lastly shoving the wire through. The whole tail is hand sewn, as my sewing machine was very very evil and the motor didn't like me. It's very old. Anyway, the stuffing of the tail was succesful and hard work, but sooooo worth it! The bow on the end of the tail was the last thing to be made, a couple of days before Alcon, and I had no red fabric, so I asked around and was given a red old pair of pyjamas which I sewed over paper to give it a stiffness so it was bow shaped rather than floppy.

The whole thing was very nice put together and full of bouncy goodness!

The tail worked really really well (even though I need to re-make the bow and do general repairs) and it swayed and bounced as I walked. Everybody enjoy's whacking at it (which is party why the bow's in such a bad state!) so once the new one's done I'll have to have a wee sign saying "DO NOT BOING ON PAIN OF ASS-RAPE!"

Once the whole thing's done and satisfactory I'm planning on entering a masquerade and doing a skit with a giant balloon... but that's all I'll say!



Hexi posted on 8 April, 2009 - 14:57
WOW! How did you get the tail like that! amazing! Well done!

Enyaron posted on 20 September, 2009 - 18:10
Thats awsomes x3 Were'd you get the tail from? =D and the bell? ^~^

Darkiekun posted on 27 April, 2010 - 14:54
Wow I love this so much!

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