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The first time I've ever done any sort of the trademark Moon buns. The base wig was one I'd bought for Luka in rose pink with the clip on ponytails. The buns were made using styrofoam eggs with hollowed centres at the top. First these were sprayed pink. Matching extensions were then glued at one end to form a 'stub' which was then glued into the top of the egg. The hair was then glued in small batches spiralling down the egg, looping back up and down etc till the egg was coverred. Pencils were then used to 'spear' the eggs at the bottom, these are inserted into the wig cap and clipped by the ponytails. It's relatively stable though they do wabble a bit. Stitching them in would be fairly simple.

The bun guards were foam and glass painted home cast resin hemi-spheres that were glued directly onto the buns as we were both strapped for time and at a loss for a better way to affix them.

The collar and back bow are economy satin, the front bow is a light duchess, the back trail is circle cut organza and the skirt is 2 circle skirts of acetate satin with satin ribbons and a serge finish in 2 inch pleats. The waistband is gold organza over lycra with a rainbow lame circle for the layers. The hearts are home cast resin and sprayed pink.

Bodice is lycra, I haven't found a way I like yet of doing the super Moon sleeves so we just went with sleeveless.

Still need to master the glove rolls.

Tiara is gold card with a fimo crescent moon.

Worn by Ellena.

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