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Since I'm making 6/7 of the Believix costumes and I'm too lazy to give them all seperate costumes (although I might in future) I've amalgamated them here.


Stella's top is an orange taffeta that was patterned blind as I didn't have the pattern I was going to use with me so it was done entirely from memory. The sleeve holes are gatherred but the neckline and below the bust contains a thin elastic.
The undertop is pink square hologram fabric over cotton jersey.

The skirt is made up of three layers, satin, glitter dot sequin and organza. This was after seeing pictures of the park Believix Stella where they'd used three different fabrics and it looked really good.

The boot covers are made form PVC, cotton and satin.

Additional accessories were made by Jenn


Musa's top and bottoms were glitter dot lined with sparkly lycra as the glitter dot is translucent. The top's upper edge has a scallop trim that was top stitched and trimmed close to. The tie and waistband have been done with suiting and decorated with diamonte. The diamond gem is a mixture of store bought gems as we could find nothing big enough and I didn't want to make a mold for such an akward one-time shape.

The ruffled layers are blue chiffon and lilac twinkle organza. Different colours and fabric textures were used to break it up so it didn't look like a block of colour.

The leggins are lycra. The boot covers are again a mix of pvc and cotton. One of the zips has broken though and needs to be repaired.


Tecna's costume is in two parts, the shorts and the bodice. The bodice is made of lilac lycra, pale blue mesh net for the sleeves and a semi-stretch disco ball fabric from my local shop that shines pink, blue and lilac. We chose this fabric as we felt it reflected all of Tecna's colours and the dot nature of the fabric (as when you look close it is compromised of many dots of colour) symbolised the Fairy of Technology well. The shorts are finished with non stretch ribbon, there is also ribbon arching across between the lilac lycra over bust and the disco ball bust fabrics. This was tricky to pin and sew but creates a really nice effect.

The mint waistband is cotton jersey which doubles over to hide the seam. The organza ruffles are sewn underneath this. The blue decorations are stick on diamonte suitable for skin and plastic that have been secured with fabric glue.

Gloves were bought and modified in the wrist, the fingers removed and the window cut out of the back of the hand.

The wig was my first major styling, it was originally a past shoulder, no layerred magi wig. Layers were put in the wig was brought up short in the back and left long in the front, framing the face as requested by Beth.


The roxy top was made with an ice chip lycra and finished with hot pink bias binding. The sleeve is a green velvet with a lime ruffle trim, also used on the shorts. The shorts were emerald foil lycra. The belt was done in lime cotton with a yellow gold mesh over the top. This was inspired by the buyable Roxy children's costume where the belt is yellow. We felt this went well with the costume and helped to break up all the greens as the actual shades of Roxy's costume varies between all the references. Including episode to episode.

The wig has clip on blonde extensions.


The trousers are wet look lycra with a stretch pinstripe fabric for the waistband and chiffon ruffles.

The waistcoat and asymetric undershirt are also lycra.

The Wings

The wings all have glitter dot borders so we match and chiffon as the main fabric. All details were chosen by the individual girls and decorated in a multitude of ways.

NatalieNoodles posted on 28 February, 2014 - 16:33
These are fantastic!! I love the materials you used for each of them

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