Hatsune Miku (Black Note Maid Dress) - Hatsune Miku: Project Diva




I love Hatsune Miku and I have for a while now, so cosplaying as her at one point was a definite decision. This cosplay is one of her outfits from Project Diva, I decided to go with something easier and more original than her normal attire. The outfit is a black pinafore, with a white music note on the skirt. The pinafore comes up to just below the chest area where it's continued with a blouse and a bow. There are black stockings with little black bows on that come to thigh high length, then miku's signature arm warmers are black with white frill.

I chose to make this cosplay simply because time and how much I love Hatsune Miku. I already had the wig, so I thought it would be perfect to make. The hardest part will probably be finding the shoes/ making the pinafore. The easiest part is going to be making all the little bows (I assume:3)


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Progress Journal

17th November 2013


I got some shoes, but the problem is, I couldn't find any that match completely )': so I have these random, funky, black shoes that I found :3:3:3:3

16th November 2013


ONLY HAVE ONE WEEK LEFT TO FINISH D: my sewing machine still isn't working, so I still have to do everything by hand, which is becoming difficult and taking a while -.-

I've finished the skirt, just adding the panel to come between my skirt and boob line (due to bigish boobs, the dress isn't as big o-0 just got to do some stitching in places, make the straps, the armbands and make some frills and bows and shall be done :D...that's actually a lot...D:

9th November 2013

Stockings+slow start

I bought some stockings for the cosplay today, and oh my, they're a bit kinky O-0 they only had little frilly ones, but they'll have to do, it will add a gothic touch to the cosplay:3 I have decided to hand sew everything as my sewing machine is deciding to play up (-.-)

A couple of days ago I tried to make the bows...they're surprisingly harder than I thought XD oh well, will be a good challenge:D

I've had to stay behind for school a lot lately (I'm doing my GCSE's) so I haven't had much time to do this cosplay, but I am going to get a start NOW O-O someone slap me if I don't

30th October 2013

Buying mostly everything

So this is going to be my second cosplay. I decided to expand where I shopped for supplies, and went around a variety of stores in my area. I went to a shop called 'The Nylon Shop'. In the nylon shop I managed to get some black cotton fabric, some black elastic and some black ribbon. I got 2 metres of the black fabric. I'm going to be using the black fabric for the pinafore, the arm bands and the bows, so I may need more fabric. I've just gotten a new sewing machine, so time should be sped up, and I have been learning how to use it:3

I also already had the wig, so I didn't need to buy that in advance.