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I can't remember the fabrics I used - apart from the fact that the trouser fabric was expensive and I used too much of it.

3m is just slightly too much for a pair of poofy pants, though they are spectacularly poofy. I made them slowly and calmly.

I then made the vest in a night and the turban in an hour a bit. Naturally, neither of these things is done as well as I'd like them to be. I have plenty of fabric to either remake or otherwise fix the vest and the turban alike.

The wig was also a last minute rush job - and not quite right. I have another one on the way but it didn't make it in time for MCM. So my wig was slightly too dark and not layered or spiky enough at the front. But I'll work on it.

I have the flute yet to make too C:

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