Commander Shepard
Mass Effect

Cosplayer: Si

Variant: Renegade

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

ToroSonyCat avatar

ToroSonyCat - 29th October 2013
So awesome!! I really love the photos, the photography with your amazing cosplay makes it look almost like those could be shots from a game *__*

Alias Cosplay avatar

Alias Cosplay - 29th October 2013
Why does this not have more comments?! Looking great!

Member-XI avatar

Member-XI - 11th March 2014
Absolutely amazing :D

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 24th June 2014
The combination of your brilliant build and the fantastic photography really takes this costume to the next level! It looks so amazing!

BladeyCakes avatar

BladeyCakes - 20th September 2014
This is amazing and it /totally/ deserves more comments! Your armour work is fantastic, everthing looks really well fitted and the paintwork is great C:

Starbucks dad avatar

Starbucks dad - 11th January 2015
Totally in awe, and as above deserves more comments than it has. Truely great job.