Haman Karn (Zeon uniform) - Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam



I frickin' LOVE Haman, she is so badass :D I've been thinking about making this for ages. I wanted a really applique-based project because I actually quite like doing applique. I can't start it until I get Tom's machine serviced though as it's playing up on zig-zag stitch DX

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27th November 2015

Haman's mask

Worbla moulded over clay, I tried priming with gesso but it really irritated my asthma so I used 4 layers of wood glue followed by a layer of Pebeo Fantasy Moon Apricot and two layers of Pebeo Fantasy Moon Gold.

2nd December 2014

Shopping around for fabric

I've just ordered five different navy suiting fabric samples for Haman's tunic. They are a mix of wools, twills and polyester wool blend fabrics. Haman's tunic appears black in some pictures and dark blue in others, so I'm shopping around to see which fabric would be the most suitable.