Reimu Hakurei ((8) Imperishable Night (Mostly)) - Touhou Project




"I can see in the dark!"

Reimu! The main protagonist for almost(?) all the Touhou games. She's pretty much the symbol for Touhou. But because she's been in so many games, there are so many variants of her. haha, I used her Imperishable Night version as a base, but I changed a couple of the smaller details, either to save time/money or because I preferred them that way. I don't think it matters much, because Reimu is Reimu no matter how you look at it.

It's not really all that complex to make, just there are quite a few pieces and when you're not that great at doing things off the bat, it takes some time to work out what you're trying to do, before you can even start.
That said, I was still finishing things off the day before the con. But I think I'll always end up being pushed for time like that(-_-)
I'm just lazy like Reimu, I guess, haha.

Reimu is paired up with Yukari Yakumo as Illusionary Border Team, in Touhou 8 ~ Eiyashou - Imperishable Night. Me and and my friend cosplay together, and she wanted to be Yukari, so I said that I'd be Reimu. I like Reimu anyway, she's awesome, looks awesome, and who doesn't want to be Reimu?

"Divine Arts "Omnidirectional Demon Binding Circle" "


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