Young Avengers

Cosplayer: The-oncoming-storm

Variant: Teen

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

19th November 2013: Done done done don- aww not quite done Everything but my top is done now. The top I need to adjust, as I originally cut it one way, but it turns out it sits too high/doesn't go low enough. So going to cut it and adjust it so that is sits lower and matches the armour better.

And if the fabric arrives in time, I'm planning on making the coat now as well. It's cool, got about 3 days to make a whole coat. No big deal.

9th November 2013: Pleather my long lost enemy My fingers once again hate pleather. But the belts are sewn, as are the props on his belts. All I need to do for the belts I re spray my dagger I'm reusing from another cosplay gold and add a new strap piece. Once those are done, not much more to do again.

Still need to work on the side pieces to my armour although that's sewn, it's just adding to my front and back pieces then cutting and hemming the edges as needed. The trousers I'll deal with tomorrow and add the final pieces of armour to those. Hopefully get a proper tester photo soon, but I really need to work on the headpiece tonight so I can creep closer to spraying and painting and working out how it's going to stay on my head.

TOMORROW IS THE DAY I COMPLETE SOMETHING MAJOUR I SWEAR otherwise my back may start complaining of sewing for a whole week whenever not in uni or relaxing.

4th November 2013: Progress Over the weekend managed to get the shirt roughly done, trousers sewn (tho those will need adjusting at the bottom to make a bit tighter), started his over armour and dyed the wig I bought hopefully from dark brown to black.

Lots of stuff started, just got things to fine tune and finish before I can just focus on the head piece he wears and the small props like his belts, things attached and making my gloves.
Two weeks to go man

27th October 2013: Head dress Made a small start on the head piece he wears, just need to start work on the horns and shape the piece. Then it'll be onwards to spraying gold and finding a way to attach to my head.

Two layers of craft foam, and paper clay on top of craft foam for the centre piece

WhiteWraith avatar

WhiteWraith - 26th October 2013
I love this design for Loki. Looking forward to seeing this :)

Cy-Fi avatar

Cy-Fi - 11th November 2013
Looking good, see you on Sunday 24th :)

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Annniel - 20th November 2013

Niamh avatar

Niamh - 20th November 2013
This is so cool!