Nienna (Dalish elf) - Dragon Age

Status :In Progress
Worn At :London MCM Expo Comic Con October 2013


Firing at the Shemlen

Drawing an arrow

Mini Alistair!

MCM May 2014

MCM Expo May 2014


Nienna, Dalish elf

Nienna's face


Nienna Silverdell



Nienna is my character from our tabletop Dragon Age RPG game. She is a Dalish elf rogue who is travelling around searching for her sister who was kidnapped when she was young.

I first wore it for London MCM Expo in October 2013. This wasn't compete and so was very basic version.

I am had much more complete for London MCM Expo in May 2014 and more is being improved for London EGX Expo in September 2014. I am also planning on wearing it for one day at London MCM Expo October 2014, hopefully with even more finished!


Candystriped posted on 27 October, 2013 - 02:01
Looking forward to seeing this!

Marmite-666 posted on 8 January, 2014 - 17:18
If you can link me that Dragon Age group you mentioned that'd be awesome ^^ Looking good so far! ~Morrigan