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SteamAndDust posted on 27 November, 2013 - 16:45

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Progress Journal

21st April 2014


Feeling very proud of myself - today I finished the corset! It's been stressing me out, so there are copious deficiencies, but I am just super glad that it is done! Just some small bits to do on the dress, and then I can start on all the leather and black bits. Hell yes!

27th February 2014


I have bought my fabric. Very expensive! Hopefully worth it! I looked everywhere. Eventually (with the help of Kitri) I decided that linen was the best way to go (as Rocket's clothes look a bit rough). Finding the right colour grey was very difficult. Eventually, I ordered a sample of Mid Warm Grey Linen from Ditto Fabrics. The sample seems just about right - I don't want to say "perfect" just in case. The pattern I'm going to base it on has been ordered as well, so fingers crossed and I can start working on it in the next week or so!

After this it's just...

The leathery bits (front piece, back zip and arm pieces)
Belt and holsters
Fishnet tights and black shorts...

ARGH! And only two paydays to go! Definitely not doing a second costume for May. Domino can come along for the ride again.

31st January 2014


My wig arrived. I didn't like the look of the "official" one but found another that will do the job. Spent a day wearing it - it feels like a very strange hat!
originally, I was just going to get my hair cut (I wear it short anyway) and dye it. But I've been waiting for so long for this black to come out from Domino, and I'm so annoyed at it, that I just decided it would be better to try a wig.

13th January 2014

Boots arrived!

My boots arrived and they are fantastic! Unfortunately, the panels which are supposed to be green/ grey are black, so I'm going to have to replace them, but still very excited!

21st December 2013

Boots - stage one.

Today I actually managed to find some flat, thigh high, lace up boots which fill the bill. They were the part I was least looking forward to making. They're on they're way from Hong Kong, which is nerve-wracking. What if they don't fit, etc? Then I guess I'll be back to making them myself.
Some customisation will need to be done as they're all black and Rocket has the panels that match the grey of the dress, but it should be easy since I'm not changing the basic skeleton of the boot. You know what I mean! :D

Very excited to be starting the project!