Merida - Brave





I just love Merida I can't help it sdjhfgsdjfs.
Expect an offensively bad Scottish accent to accompany this.|:

I just cannae talk like a Scot. X(


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Progress Journal

26th October 2013


This picture is less poofy, but it kinda shows how the wig looks in better lighting. ;o;

26th October 2013

Wig arrived!

Iiiiiit's a little bit darker than I'd have hoped (It looks great outside but indoors it's really dark??? ;~; jhdfgjsdf), but in terms of poofiness it's amazing. ;o; All I want in life is 23785283548234 pictures of me stuffing my gob as Merida.

I'm pretty sure I'm gonna buy a second wig, splice all of the wefts out of it and sew them into this one for maximum poof. uvu