Eren Jaeger - Attack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin




Everything was bought for this cosplay - except the harness!

I saved about £40 making the harness myself but it was in no way and easy project. I had no help and therefore found it very difficult to take measurements and had to guess the lengths of the straps most of the time.

I made a mock-up out of some cheap gingham cotton and adjusted this base when it became time to cut out the strips of the leatherette I bought for it. It actually took three goes to cut out the leather; I was going to use a strap cutter but the material was too stretchy and I messed up (and broke down sobbing at least twice). I couldn't use scissors because I had no chalk or anything to mark the material. In the end I was able to borrow a cutting mat, a long metal ruler with a safety edge and a small pizza-cutter-like tool to slice off strips. Then it was just a matter of sewing each little bit together. Unfortunately I made it slightly too tight at the front and I can't wear the harness without a binder, which throws my plans of cosplaying Hanji or Sasha at May 2014.
The skirt thing was made of a lot of guesswork and using a webcam and a friend over skype to tell me if it looked right and what should be fixed. I sewed a button onto the front to hold it in place.
Please pray for me that I don't need to pee really badly during MCM because it takes me about 5 minutes to take off the harness (I have to take off my entire belt and unloop 10 pieces and unbuckle 4 more before I can even remove my trousers...) and 10 minutes to put it back on again.

Cutting the wig took about 3 hours of work, since there was quite a lot I needed to fix. Compared to the first time I cut a wig (Dave Strider, October 2012), this one went a hell of a lot better and looks really rather decent.


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