Dark Eldar Mandrake - Warhammer 40,000




The exact nature of the Mandrakes is unknown and no one, including the Dark Eldar themselves, truly know what they are. Some speculate that they are shadows brought to life, whilst others believe them to be an unholy union of Eldar and Daemon. Whatever their origin, one thing is certain: they are a terrifying foe. Like all the denizens of Commorragh, the Mandrakes thrive on the malevolent infliction of pain, often appearing from the shadows to strike at the enemy when they least expect it, tearing flesh from bone with wicked-looking blades, sharpened claws and their own, blood-flecked teeth.


MattMatt39 posted on 28 January, 2014 - 22:12
One of your best Austin. :)

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