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Not really much "build" with this costume and as super heroine costumes go, its not exactly a highly original choice

The pic is of the Mark I version, I simply ordered a Miss Marvel suit made to measure(ish) off a Chinese Zentai site, that's it costume done.

Ok I did make a bit, I made the sash (the one supplied was way too short) from some offcut satin material I got from a fabric shop on Seven Sisters road and made the mask by cutting it out a blank plastic face mask and painting it black, its held on with clear elastic. I also cut slots in the stockings and sewed them up a bit so I could fit an old pair of black heels into them, making them work as shoe covers.

That was a year and half ago, I never did anything more with the costume as I wasn't really happy with it. The main problem was the stockings, they just fell down (see the pic), I had a sort of plan to try and sew them onto some dance tights (I'd found a tutorial) but never got around to it, also having the stockings that had shoes in them sewn into tights would introduce some logistical problems. Wasn't happy with the sash, the mask or the wig either.

Cut to, erm yesterday, MCM Expo is coming up and the only costume I had ready was Power Girl, but I'd already worn that to LFCC last month and wasn't entirely happy with the way I looked, white spandex is hard to pull off, in fact Power Girl in her entirety is very hard to pull off when you are my age and shape :(

But I had a rummage through the dressing up box and found Miss Marvel again, hrrmmm, well I'd got a better wig (My Blonde Black Canary one), have a better mask I made for my Black Cat costume (Black Cat and Miss Marvel masks are very similar) and had recently bought some leatherette thigh boots. So I tried it all on, with a corset and control knickers underneath and rather a lot of padding in the bra (Ms Marvel is rather well endowed), wore dance tights and leatherette opera gloves that more matched the boots, secured the sash with a safety pin so it sayed on my hips and you know, I think it worked, this might be a go for MCM expo and its only 87% as embarrassing as Power Girl :) Plus the mask and long wig hide my face better

I'll try and see if I can get around to do photoshoot of the Mk II version soon.

Saying all that MCM expo (Oct 2013) isn't 100%, as due to a calendar clash I've got something else non cosplay related the day before that could leave me exhausted and so I won't make it anyway. Also even if I do get there, the boots are not very uncomfortable (cheap boots, no arch support), I'm going to try and pad them out with gel thingys etc and see if I can make them better, but I'm never going to last long in 5 and a half inch heels (but as I’ve said before, I need heels to balance out my stupidly long body, that and I like to tower over people :P)

Still I would like some better boots or stockings and a longer sash.
Oh and to be 20 years younger and 3 stone lighter

So we'll see what happens...

OK so I wore it to MCM expo, got quite a few stares and WTF's, but more people where nice and gave compliments so that's OK :) But after a couple of hours my feet where killing me and I had to take those boots off and go home :( Oh dam, just noticed I had the sash tied on the wrong side, Doh!!

I'm going to call it complete, but I would still like better boots or sort out the shoe cover stockings and make a better and longer sash that I can wear on my hips without it falling down


Captain_Marvelous posted on 22 October, 2013 - 21:21
Gorgeous! and fantastic as always!

PandoraCaitiff posted on 22 October, 2013 - 21:51
Looks awesome! Hope I get a chance to see it (and you) at Expo/Comic Con/whatever its called now...

Progress Journal

8th March 2014


Am updating this, as the thigh boots I was wearing with it became agony after 2 hours and I was never happy with the belt.

So I've got some red Lycra (how much!) and have made a much longer sash belt, being stretchy it should stay on my (rather narrow relative to the rest of me anyway) hips better than the old to short satin one when I walk.

Also I've adjusted some long wet look lycra stockings to fit my legs better and have just sewn them into some heavy flesh tone dance tights, so they stay up. Will just wear a pair of black court shoes with them instead of turning them into shoe covers. This is mainly so I can kick of the heels and change into some comfy flats when the heels become painful, yes I'm a lightweight.

Hope to get around to taking photo's of the update tomorrow.
Might wear this to the LSCC