The Doctor - Doctor Who




The costume that I decided to wear was the 11th Doctor from Doctor Who. The reason I decided to wear this costume is because I am a large fan of Doctor Who and enjoy both Matt Smith and David Tennant but felt that Matt Smith would be easier to put together.

I think the hardest part for me was finding the Tweed Jacket. After a frantic search for inspiration, I found the jacket that belonged to my father so used that one. I think another hard part was finding a shirt that was similar. I then decided to use an old shirt that I found in my wardrobe.

I think the easiest for me were the bow tie, suspenders and screwdriver as they were bought online and from a retail shop.

When I wore it, it felt comfortable and during the Expo was brilliant to walk about the Expo as The Doctor. I really enjoyed this costume and got true to the role when approached by people.


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