Quistis Trepe (Kid Quistis/Kid SeeD Quistis) - Final Fantasy VIII Own Design





Planning to make this for my daughter Samantha to wear to Doki Doki 2015- *fingers crossed it happens*

She really wanted to go with me to Doki Doki this year, but it's my first ever convention so I had to tell her no. She got a bit upset until I said I would make her a costume to wear for the next one in 2 years. She's only four at the moment, so plenty of time to prepare for these things!

She chose Quistis because she thinks she looks like her, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Also because she likes her Whip weapon and the colour of her costume.

You only get a brief shot of Quistis and the gang as kids during FFVIII's game play and seeing as her regular outfit is a bit too grown up for my little girl I thought I could do a child version or maybe even make her a little SeeD costume. This is subject to change. I have 2 years to make it after all :)

Watch this space!


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