Hellboy (A rule #63 Hommage to both comic and movie versions) - Hellboy


London MCM Expo May 2013

Manga UK best female cosplay May 2013




I'm a huge fan of Hellboy, which is why I chose to do a Rule #63 version of him for my very first Cosplay.

I love detail, so there is lots of detail in my costume that pays hommage to both Ron Perlman's character in the movies as well as the original comic book creation.

I have tried to hand make as much as possible, and this has seen me learn electronics, carving, casting and make up techniques.

Although most is hand made, the cost has still risen into the hundreds over the last 12 months of putting it together, I'm a perfectionist and it will never be finished until it is all as exact as I want it to be!

This October 2013 at MCM Expo, London, will be the next 3 versions first outings, with new props and new developments in the costume.

I love the reaction my costume gets, but the best part of doing this for me is actually the making and creating part.

The hardest part is one I am still trying to perfect, and that is the prosthetic/horn arrangement. I keep experimenting with different materials, but I think I may seek professional advice before May 2014's outing!
The easiest part was the leather utility belt and buckle, as I work with leather for a living, the buckle was made from the back of a tuna fish tin and some Fimo!

The prop that was the most fun to make was Big Baby...it was made from postal tubes and some foam and it really lightweight!


Captain_Marvelous posted on 21 October, 2013 - 11:35
Saw this and LOVED it!!! You looked amazing!