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Hat be remade. 1st time failed quite miserably.
Coat tacked together, in progress of being sewn (by hand). Cape will be re-cut as I deemed it too short.


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Progress Journal

19th July 2010

Coat finished!

I finally finished the coat! The hat was getting a bit stressful so I decided to work on the coat, nice and straight forward. Low and behold, after sewing for near enough the whole day while watching Classic Who, it is finished! Photos soon hopefully :)

9th July 2010


OMG! It's going so well I can't believe it! Nearly done the underside, just gotta do the top!
Coat has been on hiatus as I do the hat. It shouldn't take too long anyway. Well, there might be a bit of faff with the edging, but probably easier than the hat!

Picture: Hat in progress. Looks a bit scruffy as it needs a tidy up, but I'm doing that as I go along.

16th June 2010

Damn hat.

Okay! Stripped the hat completely and remaking the frame! Hopefully all should go better this time round. Once the frame is done, I will sew the fabric directly onto it rather than glue because that didn't work as planned.
The coat is being slowly sewn together properly and I'm planning on re-doing the cape.

15th June 2009

It's being made! 8D

I've finally got round to cutting out the pattern shapes. They were improvised from a previous pattern. As per usual for me, I've made parts too big or long, so trimming required! At the moment, the coat is too long. It comes down to my knees when it's only supposed ti drop just below my waist! The sleeves are also rather baggy, but I don't mind them sort of baggy. I'll just have to see when I tack it all together. At an opposide end of things, the cape is shorter than I would have liked, but I can live with it. It's long enough to be swooshyish!